VENICE, 1943

He graduate in the 1971 with a thesis on the new Facolta' of Architecture to Rome, theme of wanted contest from Bruno Zevi, a vision "futuristic" of the Departments still retained "revolutionary "for that time.
The plan of Degree reassumes suggestive universities experiences thank you to the insuperable lessons of the Prof.Nicola Pagliara and of other teachings of the Universita' from Naples.
He begin the activity with the realization of the restaurant "La Bussola" I on the Finish (Av) to which they will make followed searches and studies in the circle of her free profession.
Industrial buildings, civic residences, public charges, but also prototypes and design, they am themes of sensitive exercise planning.
Naples, Rome, Florence, Venice, Salerno is centers of studies and of exchange of opinions between he connect and teachings of the architectural language.
He participate to national and European contests, to proposals of design and of graphic search.
Through techniques and languages "obsolete" mixture experimental solutions in the use of the materials, in the perception of the inhabited space, in the procedures of assemblage, in the control of the sensory activity
He elaborate plans with use innovation of U-glass glass like structural coverage in mountain or looms spatial "orsogrill" like capsules to loader of binary for the Silent-Gliss spa, following runs "innovating" he it for him use traditional.
30 years of experimentation, mixing expressions "cinemas" with fast raids in the photo "visionary" of
Metropolis of Friz Lang, Fellini, David Lynch, or in the music atonal of Schoenberg, one transform in precious "algorithms biological-energetic" origin of each plan.
Runs "emotional" that they determine new suggestive in the conception of the use of the space, of the functions, of the structure. the

expression of the memory that emerge.
Your plans have reviewed on specialized printing and, recently, published on" 1970-2000 Neapolitan Architects," compiled in occasion of the Legge-Quadro on the quality of the Architecture, volute from the Urban minister.
Alive and work to Salerno, with the look to Florence. .ed the heart in Europe.
I send a dutiful thanks for the notable contribution in the architectural contemporary expression also to Roberto Pane,Ezio De Felice,Gaetano Borrelli Rojo,Aldo Loris Rossi,Massimo Pica Ciamarra,Sandro Raffone,Benedetto Gravagnuolo, of the Univerity of Architecture from Naples.

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